No More Takeout!


A Visual Do-it-Youself Guide to Cooking






About the book

No More Takeout! by Stephen Hartigan and Jerry Boak, is a cooking manual for today’s busy world that speaks in the language that everyone understands – visually.


“You will save a bundle, enjoy the process and when all’s said and done, you’ll leave that phone on the hook, knowing just how much better your own cooking is over that same old micro-waved takeout. “ - SH


NMT is a how-to guide that builds confidence for the novice and offers ideas to the experienced amateur cook, serving as a resource book that can be referred to time and time again.  Whether a first time cook completes each and every step or a returning cook merely wants to extract a helpful hint, each page has something for everyone and on any level.


More than a recipe tome, NMT provides the reader with page after page of illustrated, bullet-pointed instructions on how to cook just about anything. 


Since timing is everything, we teach readers how to use Steve’s Plan of Work to accomplish any meal, so everything comes out in the end on time, and is perfectly presented.