No More Takeout!


A Visual Do-it-Youself Guide to Cooking








Faced with an empty kitchen and a fridge stocked only with bottled water and last night’s pizza, where does the average guy or gal begin?   NO MORE TAKEOUT demonstrates why time in the kitchen doesn’t need to be a freak-out session. 


Beginning with basic cooking principals peppered with illustrative anecdotes gleaned from Steve and Jerry's years of experience, you will learn, step-by-step, how to make must-know dishes such as the perfect burger or sublime mac n’cheese. 


You will then progress though more complicated meals such as roast chicken and pan seared fish all the way to learning how to put together seasonal menus that will please even the most snobbish foodie guest.  


On a very basic level, NMT's organized method will teach any non-cook how to pull off a decent dinner (plus appetizers, soup, salad and dessert), never again to be terrified by a piece of fish or exasperated by an uncooperative sauce.The book's basic instruction also provides a platform for any reader to develop a cooking and entertaining repertoire. 


In short, you will learn how to conquer your kitchen.