No More Takeout!


A Visual Do-it-Youself Guide to Cooking

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Colin Cowie

“Stephen’s passion for cooking and delicious recipes makes NO MORE TAKEOUT ! a must-have guide for anyone looking to learn the basics, brush up on techniques, and expand his or her repertoire.”


Calvin Klein

“Food is Stephen Hartigan’s great passion. In NO MORE TAKEOUT!, he’s managed to translate all that love into simple, delicious, and completely inspiring recipes—even for people who eat out or order in all the time.”


Bianca Brady, MetroNY Daily

" Put down the phone and pick up this book. [NMT] attempts to teach takeout-aholics cooking basics ... it's easier to cut costs and trash your take-out menus by going DIY in the kitchen."


Sheryl Julien, The Boston Globe

" ... So many cooks, me among them, assume you know how to chop an onion, turn broccoli into florets, or separate an egg. These authors assume you know nothing. An accessible volume for anyone trying to wean himself from carry out."   Read entire review 


Susan Steade, Mercury News

" ... The target audience is not Cooking Dude yet. He's Reheating Dude, and he's beginning to realize he could do better. He's not likely to throw in with Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker, but a small, colorful "do-it-yourself guide to cooking" might catch his eye."



Kim Carlson, Culinate

For the take-out king or queen [NMT] might be the next best thing to a basic cooking class. ... We like this book for its graphics, structure, and friendly, you-can-do-this! tone, which is right on. Anybody can cook — and should give it a try.  Read entire review






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